Valorising premium partners using innovative community-based content

Strengthening sponsorship relationships

The challenge

Founded in 1987, the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS) holds every year a conference presenting the most up to date information about new developments in clinical practice and relevant research to vascular surgeons and other vascular specialists.

With the 29th edition of the Annual Meeting, ESVS was looking to reinforce its relationship with its premium partners.

  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report deel 2 +60% gold partners
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report deel 2 +58% sponsor income increase

Solutions & Results

In order to tailor the sponsorship brochures, MCI first created a survey to better understand the partners’ needs, expectations and perception of ESVS. Then making use of its analytics, content, and creative capabilities, the team launched the first ESVS debate during the Annual Meeting. To deepen its relationship with the premium partners, this closed session was only accessible to two representatives per gold sponsor. A journalist was also present and recorded the discussions.

With the innovative debate, ESVS was able to:

  • Position its premium partners as thought leaders through community-based content publications: the journalist published the debate in a medical magazine and ESVS published it on its website
  • Raise its premium partners’ visibility within the medical vascular community by providing the platform for industry leaders to connect and exchange ideas with the ESVS leadership
  • Increase its sponsor income for the first time in 3 years (a 58% increase based on the 2011 income)

MCI attentively listened to our challenges and corporately developed this innovative debate with ESVS enabling us to increase our partners’ visibility and strengthen our relationships with them

Prof. Sebastian Debus, Secretary general ESVS &Prof. Arkadiusz Jawien, former President ESVS