Optimising employee engagement with experiential solutions

Combining technology and sustainability to engage and activate audiences

The Challenge

Every year, the market leader in enterprise application software holds an employee kick-off meeting for its developer community of over 5000. The management addresses developers to help them better understand the company’s go-to-market strategy and find out how the products they build, help the company achieve its goals.

With recent developer meetings, the company had observed a considerable decrease in footfalls and participation at the workshops, demos and sessions. The annual meeting had come to be considered as ‘too serious’ and ‘too static’. In order to change the perception of the meeting, the company wanted the 2016 edition of the meeting to inspire its employees and regain engagement.

  • 500attendees 6,000 attendees
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report deel 2 550 speakers
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report deel 2 1.101 million Social Media impressions
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 1,886 Tweets

Solutions & Results

MCI’s exciting and engaging solutions like eye-catching and innovative break-out areas, drones and a robot used before and through the event ensured the audience was completely immersed in the experience. Umbrellas created a fun area used to connote ‘cloud’ technology while use of IR headsets enabled an open and fluid design of the shop floor, lending an innovative vibe to the whole décor. Drones used for fly-by branding, in the days running up to the event created momentum that kept the audience engaged to the last day. A robot especially customised for the employees was undoubtedly the star attraction with employees taking turns to click selfies with it.

The gathering of IT professionals was driven more responsibly with:

  • Choosing a band to play music that beautifully integrated concepts of sustainability and entertainment. The band used only PVC pipes, PET bottles, coconut shells, and recycled items to create their unique brand of organic music.
  • Using wholly, locally sourced furniture that was 100% re-used
  • Introduction of 40 underprivileged youths from afoundation
  • Offering of healthier, more exciting and more responsibly sourced food and beverages

Attended by over 6000 employees, 80% more than last year’s submission, the meeting saw presentations from more than 550 speakers, a landmark achievement in terms of social media engagement with over 1.01 million impressions, 1886 tweets and a reach of more than 800,000.

We hope that we continue working together with MCI India and create higher milestones in the future.

Campaign Leader, Global Software Application Leader